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120Water is the fastest growing digital water company in the country. Our platform is a turnkey solution that makes drinking water and wastewater program management and compliance simple. Our mission is to transform the water industry by enabling government agencies, public water systems, and facilities to easily manage their drinking water or wastewater programs.
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6K’s UniMelt® microwave plasma develops advanced materials across a wide spectrum of markets including additive manufacturing and battery storage. It’s positioned to replace today’s traditional processes, which are environmentally unfriendly. 6K overcomes these limitations, delivering a significantly lower cost, more sustainable approach. In additive manufacturing, the UniMelt utilizes materials like CNC scrap and turns it into premium powder. With close to 100% yield, energy is saved and waste eliminated throughout the process. Competing technologies create 70-75% scrap and are forced to either send it to landfill or put it back into the supply chain, increasing energy and carbon waste dramatically.
American Rare Earth is redefining how critical and rare earth elements are both sourced and processed while focusing on the recycling of end-of-life products such as rare earth permanent magnets and lithium-ion batteries, as well as coal-based waste streams and byproducts to create a low-cost and environmentally-safe, circular supply chain. American Rare Earth has developed its innovative and scalable “Capture-Process-Purify” process chain in conjunction with its licensed intellectual property including 16 patents and technologies and sponsored research partnerships with three leading universities to support the domestic supply chain’s growing demand for magnet and battery metals.
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Ateios is an Techstars-backed start-up developing a platform technology for manufacturing highly customizable and flexible batteries that can be integrated into electronics manufacturing. This technology can be enabled in flexible electronics such as smart textiles, soft robotics, Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, and medical/fitness-based wearable patches. Ateios, Inc. aims to drive innovation to new heights that humanity has not yet seen in the world of conformal energy by changing the key limitation: the rigid battery. Do you want to play a part in this technological innovation? Do you want to push your limits beyond what’s possible? Are you motivated to work and learn in a fast paced startup environment? Join Ateios in our vision of enabling every surface with energy.
Avenew™ is building the future of infrastructure – addressing the cost of ownership, long-term quality, sustainable construction methods and tech-enabled capabilities. We are an asset management company that assists communities and private enterprises on preventative road maintenance and repair.
Battle Motors is accelerating the world's transition to sustainable energy through manufacturing the most durable and performance-driven Medium & Heavy Duty Trucks.
Biosynthetic Technologies (BT) manufactures a revolutionary new class of synthetic oils made from organic fatty acids found in plant oils. Biosynthetic Base Oils have numerous uses across the lubricant, chemical, and cosmetics industries, typically outperforming petroleum-based oils in similar applications. In addition to their high-performance properties, these renewable oils are biodegradable and nontoxic. BT holds a broad portfolio of issued and pending patents protecting this novel chemical technology. Biosynthetic Base Oils are used in passenger car motor oils (PCMO) and numerous other commercial and industrial lubricant products.
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Circulor is a leader in bringing traceability to complex industrial supply chains. We help customers to demonstrate responsible sourcing, to monitor inherited emissions from the supply chain and to underpin their circular economy ambitions. We help procurement and sustainability professionals see and manage what was previously invisible.
At Duality, we are building a metaverse for solving real world problems. Our metaverse is powered by our best-in-class digital twin simulator, Falcon. This means that the data produced in the metaverse has efficacy and the behaviors from participants or autonomous agents is predictive of the real world.
ElectraMet is a powerful and chemical free water treatment platform. It harnesses the power of carbon electrode technology to actively attract, immobilize, and filter metals with over 99% selectivity and no sludge production for 100% water recovery.
Epogee is a food technology company dedicated to making food better. Our flagship product, EPG, is a fat alternative derived through a revolutionary food technology that delivers the functional benefits of traditional fats with dramatically fewer calories and no tradeoffs -- so food manufacturers can wow customers with better foods that are enjoyable to eat!
Equispheres was established in 2015 to develop, manufacture and market its unique product line of ultra-high-performance spherical metal powders engineered for Additive Manufacturing (commonly referred to as ‘AM’ or ‘3D Printing’) and Metal Spray Coatings (in particular, ‘Thermal Spray’ and ‘Cold Spray’) applications, with a primary focus on the aerospace industry. Equispheres’ patent-pending atomization technology produces free-flowing, uniform, monograin, agglomerate-free spherical metal powders, which bring superior control and performance efficiencies not currently available. These metal powders have a narrow particle size distribution, excellent sphericity and flowability, and consistent microstructure — as produced, without sieving or classification — and are designed to significantly improve the quality of end-use products and applications.